Towers Watson: 2015 Asia Pacific Benefit Trends

September 22 2015

Across Asia Pacific, employers are continuing to focus on maximising the value derived from the benefits they offer to employees.

Employers face a two-sided challenge. On one hand, benefits are increasingly seen as an integral part of the Employee Value Proposition

— a reward lever that can help attract, retain and engage employees. On the other hand, benefit costs — which already represent a significant

percentage of payroll — continue to rise.

In this context, a “one size fits all” benefit strategy is unlikely to be successful. In order to

be effective, a benefit strategy must be aligned to business objectives, be flexible enough to suit diverse employee needs, and be administered

and communicated in a way that employees find simple and engaging. This is not an easy proposition, but our survey finds that Asia Pacific

employers are taking steps in the right direction, designing innovative and flexible benefits, and using them to help drive business strategy.

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