Crawford & Company: Singapore Health Services Cyber Attack

December 23 2018

Cyber attacks – fighting back

In the wake of Singapore’s largest cyber attack, which saw the personal data of over 1.5 million patients hacked, the latest report from Crawford & Company® urges companies to stop asking “Are we safe?” and start asking, “What risk are we exposed to based on our current security program?”

According to the report, “Singapore Health Service Cyber Attack – Lessons Learned”, the phrase ‘time is money’ is never more applicable than when a breach occurs. That is when having an effective Cyber Security Incident Response Plan is essential to reducing both time and cost of response.

Examining key aspects of the SingHealth cyber attack, the report outlines the primary steps all companies must take in the critical 48-hour period following detection of a breach. From notification, to containment and investigation, through to remediation, each stage helps ensure a speedy and effective resolution.

Paul Handy, BSc (Hons), MBA, ACII, FCILA, FIFAA, ACMI

Head of Cyber and Technology Risks

T:            +44 207 265 4320
M:          +44 7827 879187

Read the report.

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