Taiwan’s healthcare system wins top marks

November 14 2016 by InsuranceAsia News Staff

Public satisfaction with Taiwan’s health insurance system was at 83.1% this year, the second highest rating since the survey was launched in 1995.

According to the latest survey by the National Health Insurance system, which is under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, this year’s satisfaction was higher than last year’s 81%.

The survey said a total of 85% of respondents were satisfied with medical services provided at NHI-authorised facilities, with 49.6% of these pleased with the good standard of service and attitude of the healthcare professionals.

Likewise, the majority were satisfied with the system’s key categories of inexpensive medical care, 49%; and ease of access to treatment, 41.8%, both unchanged from last year’s survey.

The annual survey was first conducted in 1995 and comprises a random sampling of 2,024 users aged 20 and above from a total sample of 12,000.

Its best-ever rate of 85.2% was recorded in 2010.