Insights for Today, Solutions for Tomorrow

Join us at the APAC Cyber Insurance Summit, tailored specifically for insurance professionals confronting the dynamic cyber risk landscape. This premier event is dedicated to exploring in-depth strategies and practical solutions that address current and emerging challenges in cyber insurance in Asia Pacific. Delve into crucial topics such as regulatory shifts, including GDPR and local data protection laws, and uncover how these changes impact the APAC insurance markets. Engage with leading experts discussing ESG considerations, the latest advancements in technology, and the pivotal role of insurtech in shaping cyber risk management. The event will bring together leading underwriters, brokers, risk managers, loss adjusters, lawyers and cybersecurity experts to decode the ever-evolving APAC cyber insurance landscape.


Key Topics Include:

  • Empowering Underwriters in Cyber Risk Assessment: Enhance your skills in leveraging cutting-edge tools for in-depth cyber risk analysis.
  • Designing Specialised Cyber Insurance Products: Discover approaches to tailor cyber insurance products that meet the unique needs of diverse markets.
  • Litigation Landscape: Explore the complexities of cyber coverage within D&O and PI policies and their legal implications.
  • Strategies for Effective Cyber Incident Response and Ransomware Mitigation: Learn from real-world scenarios to better manage and mitigate cyber incidents.
  • Empowering SMEs: Uncover ways to extend inclusive and comprehensive cyber insurance solutions to small and medium enterprises.

Who Should Attend?

The APAC Cyber Insurance Summit is designed for a diverse range of professionals who are directly or indirectly involved with the management of cyber risk and cyber insurance policies. This summit is an indispensable resource for:

  • Insurance Underwriters and Claims Adjusters: Gain insights into the latest tools and practices for assessing and mitigating cyber risks.
  • Enterprise Risk Managers and Corporate Insurance Officers: Understand how to better integrate cyber risk management into broader corporate strategies.
  • Brokers of Cyber Insurance: Linking the corporates to the capacity providers, brokers are an essential part of the cyber insurance ecosystem.
  • Cybersecurity Professionals: Learn about emerging threats and how they affect the landscape of cyber insurance.
  • Legal Professionals Specialising in Cyber Law: Stay ahead of the evolving legal landscape and its implications for cyber coverage.

Networking Opportunities: Networking is a cornerstone of the APAC Cyber Insurance Summit. Attendees will have several opportunities to connect with peers, thought leaders, and innovators from across the region. Whether it’s during panel discussions, in interactive roundtables, or at our dedicated networking breaks, you’ll find ample opportunities to forge valuable connections that can transform your approach to cyber insurance.


Benefits of Attending

Attending the APAC Cyber Insurance Summit offers numerous benefits that will empower you and your organisation to navigate the complexities of cyber risks:

Expert Knowledge

Learn from the experiences and insights of leading experts in cyber risk and insurance.

Practical Strategies

Acquire actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately to enhance your organisation’s resilience against cyber threats.

Innovative Solutions

Discover the latest technologies and services that are shaping the future of cyber insurance.

Regulatory Updates

Receive the most current updates on regional and international regulations affecting cyber insurance.

Customisable Experience

Choose from a variety of sessions and discussions to tailor the summit experience to best suit your professional needs.

Exceptional Networking

Discuss challenges and opportunities with likeminded peers from the within the cyber insurance industry.