Friday, January 19, 2018

Sovereign offers free insurance in New Zealand through Facebook

Kiwis who do not have life insurance yet now have the chance to get it for free through an innovative Facebook campaign launched by Sovereign Assurance Co Ltd.

Sovereign is giving New Zealand residents the opportunity to receive US$10,000 free life insurance for six months when they visit Sovereign NZ’s Facebook page and click on the free insurance offer. The campaign will run until 12 July.

The campaign was launched on 8 June after a research conducted by Sovereign showed that two in five Kiwis do not have life insurance and only 16% of those who do not have it are planning to get it in the future.

Sovereign seeks to reach New Zealand’s 25- to 50-year-old-demographic who may not know where to start with insurance.

According to Chris Lamers, chief marketing and innovation officer of Sovereign, the Facebook campaign is designed to help New Zealand residents fully understand the benefits and relevance of life insurance.


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