Insurance Investor Summit 2023 Singapore



November 24, 2023

Capitalising on Volatility: Optimising Investment Strategies in a Changing Market

Insurance Investor Summit Singapore is designed for insurance investors operating in South-East Asia. It provides these investors with strategies and solutions to tackle the challenges they face, such as portfolio diversification, currency mismatches, and adherence to accounting standards like RBC and IFRS 17. Additionally, the conference will get under the skin of ESG investing. Experts in investment risk management will provide practical tips and advice to help attendees maximise profits while minimising risks in the current high-interest-rate environment. By attending this conference, insurance investors will gain actionable knowledge and insight to help them navigate the complex investment landscape and achieve their financial goals.


Conference Topics Include:

  • Social Investment Vehicles for Insurance Investors: Supporting Marginalised Communities and Mitigating Risk
  • Balancing Risk and Return in Insurance Investment Portfolios: How to Leverage Portfolio Diversification to Maximise Returns
  • Insurer-led Debt Investment Strategies: Innovations and Challenges in Infrastructure Debt Financing
  • Mitigating Liability Risk in Captives and Alternative Insurance Structures: Challenges, Strategies, and Best Practices for APAC Insurers
  • Managing Catastrophe Risk in Reinsurance Investments: Strategies and Best Practices for the APAC Insurance Market
  • Investing in sustainable bonds for insurance investors in the APAC region


Type of Companies Attending: