Welcome to the InsuranceAsia News Country Awards for Excellence 2023

We are delighted to announce the inaugural InsuranceAsia News Country Awards for Excellence 2023 for Taiwan.

The awards are designed to recognise excellence in the market and reward the accomplishments of market-leading companies and outstanding individuals.

Entries are open across 13 categories (listed below) for all candidates operating in the Taiwan insurance market.

Your submission should showcase your achievements and accomplishments from the most recent fiscal year. All confidential information contained in the entries will be treated as such and will not be published.

Make your submissions count and gain industry-wide recognition for your efforts and achievements within Taiwan’s dynamic insurance market.

Please click the Apply Now button on the right to submit your application.

We look forward to receiving your submission(s) and wish you the best of luck.

The InsuranceAsia News Team
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Timeline for the awards

March 6 Entries Open
May 31 Entries Close
July Winners Announced

If you have any enquiries about the awards, please contact [email protected]

Apply Now FAQ

Award categories


  • Best Life Insurer

    The award recognises firms that have stood out with their new initiatives and products and demonstrated excellence in supporting customers and distribution partners.

  • Best Health Insurer

    For companies demonstrating market leadership, excelling in product design, distribution, and customer and employee development.

  • Best General Insurer

    The award will recognise insurers that have shown outstanding growth and innovation, supported businesses, launched new products and business lines, and delivered on claims management.

  • Best Digital Insurer

    The winner, a P&C or life insurer, should have excelled at a digital journey whether it be through distribution, claims or risk management.

  • Excellence in Digital Transformation

    The award will recognise market disruptors that applied technology and innovation to revolutionise the insurance market.

  • Outstanding CEO

    The winner will be a CEO at an insurer who has shown excellence in managing teams, driving change, rising to meet unprecedented challenges and steering business growth.

  • Outstanding Claims Management

    Recognising insurers that have consistently provided superior claims service to customers through swift resolution and use of technology and innovative solutions.

  • Outstanding Customer Service

    Recognising insurers providing exemplary customer service and demonstrated excellence in driving customer satisfaction through new technology, new practices or new channels that have made a positive difference to the company.

  • Exceptional ESG Leader

    The award recognises companies that have demonstrated a commitment to environment, sustainability and governance, and have embraced ESG principles in their daily operations bringing a perceptible difference.

  • Most Creative Marketing Campaign

    The winner would be insurers that have made a mark with their trendsetting in marketing campaigns and driving business growth.

  • Most Innovative Product or Service

    The award will go to a company that has successfully launched or created a new product or service that is groundbreaking or unprecedented in the operating market.

  • Most Impactful CSR Initiative

    Recognising a company that has shown a strong commitment to corporate responsibility practices and has embraced programmes that make a positive societal change.

  • Most Impactful ESG Initiative

    This award recognises a notable programme or initiative adopted by an insurer relating to environmental, social and governance (ESG) or sustainability that has made a demonstrable difference and has improved outcomes.


The awards will be decided by our editorial team on the basis of submissions received, combined with thorough research, reference checks and rigorous analysis.

Each submission will be measured against objective evaluation criteria relevant to each of the categories. The entries will be evaluated based on a five-point scale that will assess the submission on the basis of:

  • Business performance
  • Measurable achievements
  • Innovation
  • Market impact
  • Strategic significance

The submissions will also be cross-referenced with relevant rating reports, regulatory filings, financial data as well as IAN’s proprietary research.


Life, P&C and health insurers with operations in Taiwan and their teams are eligible to enter the awards.


The are no fees or charges to enter the awards.

To submit your entry, please click on the Application link on the award homepage above and fill out the online submission form. Please provide as much information as possible. If you need to enter multiple categories, you can submit multiple forms.


Your firm can enter for as many awards as you like, but please ensure that each entry addresses the information requirements for the specific category.


We want to hear about your business successes, investment in talent, innovation, digital capabilities, client support, ESG and about going above and beyond the call of duty. Please refer to the questions in the entry forms for specific requirements. The judges will also use their own market knowledge when deciding winners.