Thursday, May 24, 2018

Three Singapore insurers fined for data breach

The privacy watchdog in Singapore has slapped fines on three insurance companies for allegedly inadvertently disclosing policyholders’ documents to unauthorised people.

The insurers were Aviva, NTUC Income Insurance Cooperative and AIG Asia Pacific Insurance.

They were fined US$30,000, US$10,000 and US$9,000, respectively, levied by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC).

According to The New Paper website report, the three cases entailed lapses in printing and posting documents containing personal information.

Aviva faced the heaviest penalty as it had been fined for similar lapses last October.

So far this year, the PDPC has imposed fines in eight cases.

Yesterday, the commission issued an advisory laying out the safeguards companies must have in place when handling documents containing personal data.

Among those measures are performing test runs when printing, as well as mandating a second layer of random checks by a supervisor when putting letters in envelopes.


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