Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Taiwan to create long-term healthcare agency

The Taiwanese government’s plan to set up a government agency dedicated to long-term care could affect the nation’s existing insurance departments.

Health minister Lin Tzou-yien said Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare is planning to set up a long-term care department to push forward the government’s long-term care program.

To achieve the goal, the ministry will have to integrate units within the health ministry departments involved in the service.

Among the departments that could be affected are the Department of Social Insurance, and the National Health Insurance Administration. Premier Lin Chuan has not given his approval to the new unit, but appeared to be supportive of the policy direction, Lin told reporters.

The ministry is soliciting suggestions from city and country governments for the proposed community-based long-term care.

Lin recently toured a pilot facility for the government’s long-term care plan in Yilan County.



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