Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Taiwanese insurer ordered to pay premiums

Taiwan’s Nan Shan Life risks paying penalties if it does not yield to an order by the National Health Insurance Administration requiring the life insurer to contribute to its agents’ health insurance premiums.

This developed after more than 100 members of Nan Shan’s labour union protested outside the Executive Yuan.

The members have been on strike since December last year to demand reforms in the evaluation procedures and benefits, following years of conflict and administrative lawsuits over how to define their employment status.

Union representatives and government officials recently met, where the NHIA agreed to impose fines against the company if it disobeys the order of contributing to the premiums.

Chiu Chun-chi, a union spokesman, said they welcomed the NHIA’s decision, but he also called for further steps to forgive previous government premium claims against workers, who had been liable for higher rates after the company refused to make contributions on the grounds that they were contracted workers rather than employees.



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