Friday, April 20, 2018

Malaysia crafts new privacy rules for banks, insurers

Malaysia is poised to implement new privacy rules for lenders and insurance firms, particularly launching a mandatory privacy and data security codes of conduct that could be upheld in a new digital rights court.

After banks and insurers, codes for communications and law firms are likely to follow, according to Deepak Pillai, a data privacy partner at Christopher & Lee Ong in Kuala Lumpur.

Similar to data protection laws in other countries, Malaysia’s Personal Data Protection Act aims to protect data privacy and security by laying down codes of conduct in specific industries.

Once approved, the codes may become a basis for filing legal complaints in digital courts.

Right now, the Malaysian government is still in talks with private lawyers to come up with the codes of practice.

Malaysia’s digital rights court started operations in September last year.

As a special court, its main function is to try social media defamation cases in violation of the Communications and Multimedia Act.


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